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Iptek in the morality-conception


Summarized from Article “Iptek berlandaskan moral” by Prof. Baiquni

  1. The Responsibly Khalifah

–          This paper discusses about the science and technology which is in the moral concept and will discuss by the Islamic perspective.

–          Some relevant ayah will be considered as the basis of the discussion of the development science.

–          Science generally aimed to explore the nature characteristic and signal in the particular time, such as in observing the responds or the reaction the nature habit for managing or anticipating it.

–          Also the respond of the water while getting the sun shine.

–          The nature characteristics such as the planet, moon or sun eclipse can be observed from the laboratory by using the technological devices.

–          In Ad Dzariyat: 6 is stated that man requires goods, cloth and house to save the life.

–          They need some effort to achieve the three required demand.

–          For those, Allah has granted the man to the leader on the world facilitated by the high level (science and knowledge).

–          Man also promised to the happiness (hereafter) and should take care of todays (of the world) and guided to do the good deed to other. Allah also do not let the man destroy the world (Al Qoshosh : 77).

–          In sum, Man should master in utilizing the world for their life. To those, man should have the science and knowledge.


  1. The guidance of Allah through Al Quran

–          Man suggested to examine the existence on the world with total observation (Yunus:10). It means that the man involve the feeling and thought in paying the worlds symptom attention.

–          The worlds symptom is such as the process of how the camel is created, sky is raised, mountain is straighten up and land is averaged (Al Ghosyiyah 17-20).

–          Allah has given man a lot of lesson to be the example of observing the world and life environment.

–          The lesson given by Allah has generally inspired the development of the science.

–          The comprehensively observation will answer the big question of “how” the world symptom on going.

–          The process of examining, researching, analizing the world mean the process of reading the ayahs of Allah due to the ability of detailing and explaining the literate ayahs.

–          Allah created things with the distinctive formulation. It means that all the contents of the world are created with the guiding management, because they are facilitated by the measured formulation, such as width, length, height, temperature, distance and so on.


  1. The Development and Application of Science

–          Observation is the primary key of the physic activities and it can not be imagined unless those are beneath the valid data.

–          Measurement is the important one in the physics activities. It is performed by quantifying the data in order to ease the measurement process.

–          Quantifying mean changing the statement or non-figure data into mathematics data, like kilogram, meter, second, ect.

–          The air speed, humidity are the example of those which can not be measured by converting into mathematics symbol.

–          Other important thing is data analyzing. The collected data should be analyzed to get the reasonable conclusion.

–          The supposed reasonable conclusion will be published in a scientific magazine to further analyzing or to be responded by other researchers to make the convincing data. Then after getting responses it should be agreed weather it deserve accepted or not to be science. The consensus is the final agreement to decide the science.

–          The accepted consensus is the part of science. It will be considered to listed the benefits for the people. Scientist should change the theoretical scientific data into the applied science in order be useful for the man life.

–          While the man knows the trend or the symptom of the nature, they will predict the nature responds or reactions. On the other hand, the man will take care of their environment due to the respond has predicted.

–          And he has subjected to you, as for him, all that is in the heavens and on earth; behold, in that are signs indeed for those who reflect. (Jatsiyah: 9)

  1. Technology for Development

–          The words “subjected” is relevant with many other words found in Al Quran which is meant to reiterate that Allah has created the world and the facilities in to be utilized to fulfill the man demands.

–          Therefore He does not let man to be proud of himself due to what they have belongs to Allah.

–          Consequently, man should be readily judged by rule of Allah.

–          There are many kinds of rules judged for man called written and unwritten laws. Beside Al Quran, Allah has created the rule which applied in the characters of other creatures.

–          Allah has fallen the leaves down from the tree. Man who is granted the ability to research will attempt to find the answer why the leaves fly before getting the land. The process of flying of the leaves has inspired to create the plane and the supporting technology.

–          In spite of the successful of designing high technology, it should be adapted to the law of nature (rule of Allah).

–          In brief, man as the khalifah should posses the knowledge of how utilize the nature and what inside. The objective of mastering the technology is to concern with the welfare of the people.

–          That is why Allah has governed the people to get the knowledge during the life from the birth up to the death. And of course the knowledge should be applied on the daily life.

–          Indeed many sort of knowledge has spread over the world and access able by the man as long as they have wills to achieve.


  1. Conclussion

–          Man as the creature of Allah should dedicate himself to Him, obey the rule and disobey the restriction.

–          To fulfill the demand, man is facilitated with the sagacity.

–          Man should develop the science and knowledge to achieve the happiness.

–          The nowadays happiness is supposed to the hereafter happiness achievement, therefore should base with the morality and the best character.

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