Posted by: Admin | December 10, 2010

Teaching Tips

Tips 1 Before we begin…… Routine

e.g. wait outside

Door drill; giving question, checking passport, etc

Bags, pencil, books, seating, …

Register, take turn

Uppers and Downers – stirres-settler; warmer-cooler,

Teacher could do more just for welcoming students before the class starts. By the password, for example, they can check or match the data on and the students’ answer. These activity done outside of class and continued inside.


Tips 2 Creativity

Explore creativity to set student’s attention, mind set

Over to you

What do kids like doing?

Moving about, singing, listening to stories, playing games, making things, doing puzzles, watching …..

Teachers imagine what do students like doing and try to stimulate them to do in the classroom.


Tips 3 Pace and Variety

Kids have shorter attention span

Don’t be afraid to cut off an activity

Use the classroom span for different activities

Teacher should set the classroom as the theater or stages where the students can do anything creatively.


Tips 4 Use English, but flexible

Asking student to explore many; number, color, clothes, the background of the teaching material

Teacher should explore the students’ attentions/ responses on they have or things around them.


Tips 5 CLIL, connecting to “their” world

It teaches aspect of subject topics which pupil learn in their other school classes such as science, Math, Geography, etc using English as the medium of instruction


Tips 6 Can do…… not cannot

It is best to avoid negative feedback as this may lower a child’s motivation and results/ scores


Adapted from Chambridge Seminar by Stuart Vinie


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