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Academic Writing (Mid Test)


Human in the world have to communicate with others. To fulfill the social characteristic they have to achieve the communication device.  So, they have to learn or to acquire a language either by subconsciously or consciously. Children in this case, actually have different ways of acquiring the language form adult.

Children, normally learn the first (mother) language in the first year of life and they will need about on 5 years old. And the learning process will be continued at the following years, they will be at puberty/ teenager times (about 12-14 year) and in adult (about 18-20 year). They learn language in their daily activities although will get an un-expected progress in some cases, such as in vocabularies.

The word “first language acquisition” is not only for one but also two languages, because in current time, learners tend to learn more than one language. For example parents, who always use in two languages in life and communicate in different language at home and out home.

Children, who acquire a language when they have had good systems of first language, will be called a second/ foreign language learner, because they don’t have problems anymore with their language they used. The next language they have acquired will be called the third language and the next will be the forth.


Simple Sentences

  1. This seems to have been one of Indonesia’s darkest weeks for quite sometime.
  2. More than 100,000 people have been moved out of the danger zone.
  3. Friday’s eruption was the largest recorded at Merapi in a century.


  1. Hundreds of passengers were seen queuing at the airport, either to book new flights or demand compensation
  2. He said Indonesia was capable of handling emergency operations, and any help from foreign governments should be directed at the reconstruction phase.
  3. On Monday there were signs the intensity of Merapi’s eruptions was decreasing, but hot ash clouds were still seen rising from the mountain almost continuously.


  1. Although spontaneous and without any government direction, the people’s response gives the sense that the nation is united in dealing with the crisis.
  2. Yudhoyono may have spoken too soon, however, when he turned down offers for help from leaders he met at the ASEAN summit in Hanoi the previous week.
  3. Because of the scale of the disasters, and in the case of Mentawai and its difficult terrain, many people living in temporary shelters are still not getting the food and medicine they need in time.

Compound Complex

  1. We had entered Argomulyo subdistrict, Cangkringan, but only to run away again from the hot clouds so we had to leave our car behind.
  2. At an evacuation center in Bendosari, Magelang, about 500 people who have taken refugees into their houses are running short of supplies, and were hit by blackouts.
  3. However, the refugee center in Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman, has an abundance of supplies, including food and clean clothes, but is lacking in sanitary facilities.


The Mt. Merapi eruption has affected not only the social aspects of society but children education. The social aspects caused by the eruption are the refugee has become bad condition today and today. They become stressful caused by the condition where they temporary stay in and the property they left. Besides, the condition happened on their house and the destroyed-facilities make them stressful. Moreover all of their goods inside the house got destroyed too. The animals, house and farm have destroyed by the ash of Merapi. Some of their animal have dead stricken by the hot sand and hot ash. Their house has covered by the sand; the farm has covered beneath the sand; and the clouds ash that causes the plant dead. The other, which is very important one, is the persistence of student in studying. Thousand students have off for weeks, just for refugees. They leave their house and school to secure them from the effect of the eruption. Consequently, they will be late to study as other students in other area. In sum, the effect of the eruption has affected the social aspect and educational problem around the Mt. Merapi.


  • The Mt. Merapi eruption: topic
  • The Mt. Merapi eruption has affected not only the social aspects of society but children education.: topic sentence
  • has affected not only the social aspects of society but children education : controlling idea
  • The social aspects caused ……..her students in other area.: supporting sentences
  • In sum, the effect of the eruption has affected the social aspect and educational problem around the Mt. Merapi.: concluding sentence

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