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Is Sex Education Necessary for Indonesian Student?


Student of Post Graduate UHAMKA Jakarta


Student is our next generation. They are the substituting candidates of the now or previous generation to organize the next life. That is why, the role of student in the future is very important. They are not only influencing the civilization but also creating the new civilizations. They are the agent of changes that should be saved either in term of cognitive and mentality. Cognitively they have to be built in order to be competent to compete with others or ones from other countries. Mentally they have to build likes spiritual quotient, adversity quotient, ect.

For the previous reason, Indonesia students have to be ready to improve the knowledge of some technological contents and devices that related to technology which is used everyday. Technology is very important for man life. People can handle the either the good or bad impacts of technology development. To blame of technology is not wise behavior. Technology is technology which will depend on the brain ware (man/user) who responsible on the using process.

The rapid development technology involves many tools or devices such as computers, mobile phones, or even internets. The simultaneously technology development will influence the lifestyle of user. Computer and mobile phone become supporting facilities to enhance the knowledge of technology impact. It is radically developed by several vendors to ease of using. Unfortunately the content of technology are easily accessed by the user without filter.

As the impact of the habit of frequently accessing the content of the internet out of control, the students tend to try to search internet to find some knowledge (40%) and to find and download the porn picture (60%).  Consequently the habit of accessing internet and the modernity the technology will enable students to do what will to do without under control of parent. Students get new information about many things improperly both useful and un-useful information, involving sex. As the result of the problem is many students do free sex before married.

Then, the question is sex education still considered as a taboo one although a lot of our student has been the victim of it? Are we still debating of whether sex education necessary or not? Where will our students go after having free sex later?

Sex Education, Pro and Contra

In Indonesia sex education is a sensitive topic to discuss. People have distinctive opinion about the sex education. Although the bad impact of  the condition which  is sex education unimplemented have getting up.

According to M. Masrie Muadz, the Director of Teenager and Reproduction Right Defense of BKKBN there are causes that influences student tend to do free sex before married, such as liberalism, social intercourse, environment and family, mass media, especially TV and internet.

Internet has influenced student in many aspects indeed. Students get either advantages or disadvantages from the internet. It can be considered as a knife which has twin sharp eyes, in which the function will depend on the user (student). Students who are strong in handling the family culture or religion culture will have good filter to do so. But students that lost of attention from parents tend to be potential do so.

The study related to the problem has been conducted almost in every year. BKKBN in the middle of December 2010 has released the results of study that 51% of girls of 100 respondents have lost the virginity. The data was taken in Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi, Depok and Tangerang. The researchers completed the data with other city with results, Surabaya 54%, Medan 52%, Bandung 47%, and Jogjakarta 37%. They were collected during 2010.

Some others researches were conducted in 2005, 2006, 2008 revealed that average progress usually increases, approximately 17% a year.

Based on the data, a great deal of students has lost their virginity. The couples who do free sex can be both of students and adult one. It means that female student usually do the sexual intercourse with other boy students or with those who older than her. The member of society will be frustrated facing the trend of a half student of Indonesia doing so. Parents, school, teacher, environment, peer, and government have to find the solution of the problem. Or they will regret while the result of study is getting increase and increase.

Stop debating

So far parents and teacher tend to defend about the necessary of giving sex education in school. Pro and contra in facing the trend of the student who learns sex from improperly source has been occurring. They who are pro said that sex education is current issue that very important to do. Because by implementing of sex education, it will prevent the student to do the deviated sexual behavior. It means that by sex education teacher can describe about sex properly to the student. For those who disagree, because sex education indeed will facilitate student to do sexual intercourse. They are stimulated to do what ideally for those who have married. We are, all member of society are likely worried and responsible on this problem.

The better of we have to do is refers to what where we are. As parent we should pay attention more of our children. How care we have given our children attention. We, in this case, are absolutely necessary for them to guide their life process. We are as teacher should give right lesson regarding to their problem although there is no suitable school subject to do so. Some subjects can be inserted to guide the student on the sex problem. We are as the part of government who is responsible to the education system have to provide the system which enable student to have right way on sex education. Or we are who as important figure in society should educate the people to save our student at least we can minimize the influences of bad impact of technology.

Do we need sex education in our school?

The Indonesia Minister of education, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nuh, said that sex education is important to be implemented in school. Unfortunately, at the time, the sex education in Indonesia is taught improperly. The previous data shown the negative impacts of the sex education which is now still occurring in Indonesia. The current sex education that happens in Indonesia tends to educate how to practically get sexual intercourse. According to Nuh, ideally the material refers to the knowledge of reproduction healthy. Beside the reproduction healthy, it can be the function of reproduction organs, the importance of keeping the reproduction healthy, up to the disease of reproduction system.

In Thailand, sex education has been implemented since 2000. It started since student in Elementary School though still inserted in Biology subject. There are several school that implement sex education independently. Then on 12, students are allowed to have sex education from parents.

Vietnam has implemented sex education since student get 13. The role of parents in sex education is very important because before 13, they are under parents responsible. After 13 the students get sex education within Biology.

Designing of humanity sex education

By looking at the impact of uneducated sex education at school and the statement of some expert, it is time to implement the sex education at school. If it is still debating, the problem will not end.

The important information that can be inserted in sex education such as the genital knowledge, which parts of body are allowed to see, the regulation of getting in touch with other, the function of organs, the importance of keeping reproduction organs healthy and the disease of human reproduction system.

The subject of sex education can be designed independently, or from inserted in some certain subject, such as Biology, Religion, Sociology or Anthropology.

The teacher should be the right person of education this subject. They have to be ready handling the subject as well as others. Some training shoul be conducted to empower teacher related to the subject.


People of Indonesia are still debating whether sex education important to implemented or not. The debate, of course will not effects to the getting rid of the bad impact of the technology. The technology will develop rapidly regardless either bad or good impact. The debates will not reduce the number of students who is being the victim of free social intercourse. It means the number of victim will be getting high and high.

The number of student who has done sexual intercourse, the pregnancy without marriage, the number of victim HIV/ AIDS are getting increased. All member of society should cooperate to stop or at lest minimize the problem. Government has to provide the supporting laws that partied to the student. Sex education curriculum has to be arranged to fulfill the lack of material. Teachers have to be involved to educate properly. And Parents have to focus not only to earn money to cover the demand but also save the student mentality. Schools have to increase its role in implementing safe education at school



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