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Pare Inside

  1. Pare in a glanced

While discussing about Pare, everyone thinks about English area, where some learners will motivate themselves to be good in English. Pare especially Tulung Rejo is a small village in Kediri, East Java. Now, it’s considered as a special place because of its role in developing English for some learner in Indonesia. It consists not only some courses but also ones which make some visitors being familiar to speak in English completed by some dormitories.

  1. What does Pare consist of?

As a place where unconsciously designed for “English village”, Pare is still simple and keep it’s simplicity on. The cost for having meals is very cheap, around Rp.3.000,00 to Rp 5.000,00 a portion. This case is reasonable, and it will be possible to grow up as long as the visitor going there.

According to some information there are about 60-80 courses in Pare. They are divided into two types of course that is those without dormitories and ones completed by some dormitories. The courses which do not provide dormitory e.g. BEC and ones which serve the learner with dormitories are like Genta, Webster, Internity, ect. Besides, a course like Fee Center joins Ar Rahman to provide student dormitory. They join to run the course professionally.

Unfortunately the growth of Pare left the irony. The people of Pare do not involve in the English Pare development well especially the students. The original students from Pare don’t have good motivation in learning English despite of free charges.

  1. The Visitor

The visitors of Pare come from some provinces of Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara and Papua. They come from difference provinces and join Pare’s Community just for learning, motivating, increasing, and developing themselves both their English and others. I myself believe that some of them will get successful there, because of the situation, condition, or atmosphere. They might not find this atmosphere while they studied English at school or the course. We looked many students practicing English while they were spending time on the street or having meals in some meal shop.

  1. Genta
    1. The owner

According some information, The Genta does not belong to Mr. Qomar himself. It is an institution which established by Mr. Qomar’s sister in law, and he was pointed to manage the institution. He responsible to the resources development, the management strategies development, the methodology of learning, recruitment, etc.

But in some meeting Mr. Qomar told us about the histories of establishing the institution. He started by the basic to gain the recent institution. He works hard to design some management values, cultures and futures. He responsible and manage the institution accompanied by some teachers and functionaries. He told us that he started his journey life by Rp 50.000,00.

He was a student of BEC and has never gained the certificate as the symbol of graduation. The reason why he did is he did not join to visit Borobudur as the graduation requirements.

    1. The student

The students of Genta come from different parts of Indonesia. They are from Elementary student up to adult. They come with different basis of language, because they sometimes run some classes in high gap ages and backgrounds. The classes sometimes consist of elementary students and also adult who study in the same class.

As they stay in the dormitory, it’s easy to manage them to be active in some English activities. They stay in the dormitory and do many of their daily activities there. They wash and iron cloth, cook meals but some of them buying at the meal shop, practice English anywhere.

    1. The teachers and functionaries

The boards of teacher are dominated by some alumni of Genta. They got free dormitory, salary and some of motivating training. The director sometimes helps them to get married.

There are 10 houses rent by Genta around the Genta campus. Some of functionaries responsible to one dormitory. They should responsible to all activities running there daily.

The director supports the teachers who plan to establish courses. He let them to separate and permits some of them who are still teaching there.

    1. The management

The board of directors run a strict management to some teacher or functionaries who do the duty unprofessionally. They keep the role of management up rightly. While a teacher although she is the director’s wife did things unprofessionally, she should responsible to in front of the board of directors, some teachers and functionaries. And the strictest one is the brave to dismiss the employee if do a huge mistake.

The management also appreciates the employee/ functionaries/ teacher/ board of director who do thing well.

    1. The methodologies of teaching

The following some note about the way of teaching us:

–          The teacher always brushes the student up the previous material/ subject in some minutes of the class.

–          The teachers take some minutes to concentrate the student by telling story, discussing interesting cases.

–          The teachers teach student in some song to memorize some material.

–          The lyrics of songs are sung through some famous children songs or by changing some lyrics of song.

–          The teachers always teach with smile-full, brushing up, motivating, appreciating, and singing.

–          The teacher sometime did wrong in word writing and pronunciation and when is corrected by us, they corrected them then. And vice versa, while we did wrong we were not corrected directly.

    1. The target of learning

The Genta educates students to be professional with English. They guarantee their student (Diploma I) with the ability of speaking Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic and Computer in a package with.

The students are suggested to be entrepreneur with their English, and pending their study at university as long as they have not got some job or business.

    1. The program

Here some programs of Genta:

–          Learning Program

It is a regular studying/ learning program in class room, coffee shop ect.

For example the schedule for Basic Private Class is:

Monday – Friday

05.15-06.30: Memorizing Vocabularies

07.30-09.00: Grammar

09.00-10.30: Speaking

03.30-05.00: Speaking Club

07.30-09.00: Grammar Club


05.15-08.00: Meeting Program

–          Grammar and Speaking Program

–          Meeting Program

It’s a program to have some conversation which discusses some issues. They are arranged to some couples of students. A couple of student consist of two people that discus about the theme given freely. This program is led by some functionaries. The students walk around the Tulung Rejo village in couple.

–          Ujian Regular Intermediate

–          Morning Conversation

It’s a program that all students are gathered in Genta’s Camp. Then, they make some groups which led by a chairman who responsible to the management of group as long as the street passed. In some places they should answer some questions given by the functionaries in group.

Sometimes this program is performed at some places likes, field, stadium, mountain, and so on.

–          Kajian dalam Bahasa Inggris

–          Monitoring Vocabulary

–          English Program for Children

–          Togetherness Program

–          Exercise

    1. What can we do?

Nobody is perfect; Pare is not perfect, too.

By visiting Pare for about 10 days with living in 7 days there, we learn many. Something the most important is the willingness to do something of all staff.

They know English as only a foreign language that unused daily. That’s why they try to support student to be brave to speak. The mistake should not be avoided, but should be faced. As the process, the teacher let students to express the language idea in the mind.

Pare is not designed for ones who are being English scientists, but it is designed unconsciously for the English speakers of foreign language. But all theory applied in Pare are not bad to apply in some formal English course likes New Concept.

English scientist said that learning English is learning how to communicate, not learning the English merely. It means that while we teach our student in CLT, it is possible to apply some method from the successful English Area e.g. Pare style.


1.       Every area should make some branches to be the pioneer of English atmosphere.

2.       The officer including the board director are preferable to support in creating English area both in the office or all branches.

3.       There should be an English training for Administrator to make the dream come true.

The memory Mr. Kalend with

We met Mr. Kalend after Ashar prayer while he was still wearing sarong. We went there with Mr. Darwin. Formerly he was so silent for delivering some speech. We tried to stimulate to have a good situation in order to get some speaking from him.

He tried to build English course himself. No body cared about his effort. He did many things by himself. He was in poor condition in at least 5 years. He got nothing for those he did.

He has never studied English formally, but he studied only in Gontor Boarding School. He was late to join it, at that time he was 27 years old and his classmates are around 13. Imagine how old he is. He studied English from a figure of the village who could speak in 9 languages.

During running the course, he has never paid attention on things by the government. He runs the course strictly, discipline, and humanistic because he apply the rule fairly. His daughter who will join BEC should in queue likes the others.

Written by Mobit

Pare, the english village, June 2009

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